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Sam Toub


George Hammons
Executive Vice President


S. Toub & Associates, Inc. has provided full service professional engineer consulting since 1977.
We specialize in the design and administration of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) systems for many building types.

S. Toub and Associates has extensive experience in the MEP design of the following facility types:

• Medical facilities, including coordination with the providers of specialized medical equipment.

• The design, operation and maintenance requirements of the mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems employed in Universities and Public Schools.

• Multifamily dwelling units, including both new construction and the conversion of high rise buildings into dwellings.

• Office buildings for general use and various specialized applications.

• The hospitality industry including restaurants, hotels, motels, clubs and movie theaters.

We center our design goals on the development of cooperative relationships with the client and other design and construction professionals in order to provide
superior MEP systems that will satisfy the highest standards of performance and energy efficiency.

We follow up the design phase with Construction Administration to ensure that the equipment utilized and the installation meets with the clients exacting standards.